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Wounded Veteran Completes Grueling Competition

In 2010, Corporal Todd Love stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan.  He was severely injured, losing both legs and his left arm.  A third generation Marine from Virginia, Cpl Love was determined not to let his injuries keep him down.  After spending several months in the hospital, he was released and began training for an endurance race called The Beast.

The Beast is a 10.5 mile circuit with 75 obstacles to complete.  Participants must successfully complete several challenges, scaling walls, crawling through mud, and speeding along high-wires.  It’s an extremely difficult course for able-bodied individuals, nearly impossible for a triple amputee.  Cpl Love was bound and determined to complete the race, and he did so with the help of eight other veterans.

It took the team over five hours to complete the course, much longer than other participants, but each and every one of them crossed the finish line.  If Cpl Love struggled with an obstacle, his team would provide the encouragement and support he needed to finish his challenge.

Corporal Todd Love is a true inspiration and a great reminder of just how special the men and women serving our country really are.  American Warehouse Systems is proud to support our military in every way we can.  God Bless America!

Posted by on January 25th, 2013 :: Filed under: Blog,Military