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Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles

Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles, or MRAPs, are a family of armored fighting vehicles used in the military.  They are designed to withstand IED explosions and ambushes from enemy fighters.  After their implementation in Iraq and Afghanistan, roadside bomb attacks and fatalities were reduced by nearly 90%.  MRAPs can survive hits that would take out Humvees and other military vehicles, saving countless lives throughout the wars.

The vehicles, which come in many designs, usually have a V-shaped hull that deflects explosive forces originating from below the vehicle.  This is especially important, since many IEDs are detonated as a result of being driven on.  They are heavily armored, which protect soldiers from gunfire and ambushes.

One type of MRAP, the Buffalo, is equipped with cage armor, which protects against RPG anti-tank rounds.   It also contains infrared technology to detect the presence of IED, mines, and bombs.  If one is detected, the Buffalo has a 30-foot robotic arm and claw that can disable the device.

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