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The Beretta M9; The Standard

The Beretta M9 pistol was adopted as the primary handgun in 1985 by the United States military, replacing the Colt M1911A1.  The M9 is a short recoil, semi-automatic, single-action/double-action pistol.  It utilizes a 15-round staggered box magazine and can be positioned for either right- or left-handed shooters.

Multiple internal safety features are included in this weapon, including a firing pin block that prevents the firing pin from moving without the trigger being pulled.  It also has a firing pin striker that rotates when the safety lever is engaged, which prevents the firing pin from being hit even if the hammer falls.

The M9 is the standard issue pistol for the Navy, Army, and the Air Force.  This weapon was used extensively during the Iraq war, due to the frequent urban and room-to-room combat settings.  In 2006, Beretta made a slight variation of this weapon, adding a Picatinny rail for the attachment of lights, lasers, and other accessories.

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