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APOBS - Making the Way Clear in Afghanistan

Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching Systems (APOBS)  are quickly becoming a key defense tool for the American military in Afghanistan.  Designed as an explosive line charge, APOBS can clear up to 100 yards from IEDs or other harmful explosives.  It’s currently being used to clear major roads and mine fields in Afghanistan.

It works by deploying two backpack sized kits in the area to be cleared.  Once initiated, a rocket will launch over the desired area.  Within moments, any and all IEDs or explosive devises will detonate, clearing a path for soldiers and civilians to use.  Weighing 125 pounds, the APOBS is lightweight and safe to transport.

The system is rather expensive, so the military only uses it in very dangerous areas known for multiple IEDs.  Since being introduced and put to use in Afghanistan, APOBS has saved countless lives and will continue to do so.

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Posted by on April 26th, 2012 :: Filed under: Blog,Military