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The US Navy's Remote Minehunting System

Mine attacks are a major threat to Navy ships traveling the seas.  They account for more than 75% of all attacks on American ships since the end of WWII.  In order to prevent casualties, the military had to find a way to detect and destroy mines hidden underwater without endangering sailors or ships in harm’s way.

Lockheed Martin has developed a Remote Minehunting System, or RMS, to address this issue.  The RMS is an unmanned, offboard system that is used to detect and classify any hidden mines.  It has five major systems that combine to make an amazing tool for the Navy.  The most important component of the system is the remote multi-mission vehicle, allowing sailors to hunt mines without getting close to the minefield.  It can travel great distances and operate for up to 24 hours at a time.  A variable depth sensor is towed from the vehicle, which contains several different sensors for detecting and classifying mines.  It includes a real-time communications system, allowing the captain to determine the safest path to travel.  The RMS has a simple launch and recovery system and can be remotely commanded, controlled and displayed.

This tool has provided Navy ships with a much safer way of traveling and is a key step in keeping our military members safe while deployed.

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