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The Patriot; Always Ready

The American military weapons arsenal is the best in the world.  The patriot missile is one of the many reasons we can make that claim. Patriot missiles is designed to detect, target, and destroy incoming missiles. They are extremely accurate; having the ability to destroy missiles as small as 10 to 20 feet long travelling five times faster than the speed of sound. Recent technological upgrades have allowed the patriots to destroy cruise missiles and incoming aircraft.

As a guided missile, the patriot is quite a bit more sophisticated than other options. Rather than relying on human guidance, the patriot uses a targeting and guiding system that relies on ground-based radar. As a result, this missile can lock onto an incoming target while it’s still 50 miles away. At this distance, a human cannot see nor hear an incoming object. The radar system can identify an enemy missile, and calculate the trajectory, speed and direction. It can also determine if the object belongs to a friend or foe, reducing the amount of friendly fire.

These missiles require a great deal of equipment and personnel to operate. Patriots are launched from a missile battery that’s based on the ground. A standard battery has at least five components: the missiles, a missile launcher that launches, holds, and transports the missiles, a radar antenna to detect any incoming missiles, an equipment van to control the battery, and a mobile power plant to provide power for the antenna and equipment van. Each missile costs several million dollars apiece.

American Warehouse Systems is proud to support the US Military through cost effective material handling systems.

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