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Come And Take It!

The slogan “Come and Take It” was first used in the American Revolution but really gained popularity during the Texas Revolution in 1835. It eventually turned into an iconic flag in Texas. In the early 1990s, the flag was updated to reflect current times and is now displayed prominently around the country.

Before the Texas Revolution of 1835 the Mexican Army spent a great deal of time and energy attempting to disarm the people of Texas, causing quite the stir with the local population.  In 1831 the Mexican government granted the people of San Antonio a small bronze cannon which was later moved to Gonzales Texas. The cannon was displayed prominently and was a source of pride among the people. Once the conflict between the two sides started, the Mexican Army demanded the return of the cannon.  When refused they attempted to take it by force.  The Texans were able to fend off the Mexicans and keep their cannon. The people of Texas fully believed in their right to bear arms and they weren’t about to let a bunch of outsiders tell them otherwise. Instead, they fashioned a flag that showed a cannon with a black star over it, effectively telling the Mexican Army to “Come and Take It”.

This flag became a symbol of the Texas Revolution and remained close to the hearts of Texans for years to come. Recently, the flag was modernized to show a Colt AR-15/M-16 with a black star above it. It still dons the “Come and Take It” slogan and is proudly displayed throughout the country.

Come and Take It is a wonderful reminder of what our rights as American citizens are and encourages us to exercise those rights to the fullest extent. This is especially true during these current times, as some politicians suggest that America would be better off without weapons. It is critical that we tell them no, and remind them that America wouldn’t be what it was today if our predecessors hadn’t been able to bear arms and defend our land.

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Posted by on February 2nd, 2012 :: Filed under: Blog,Military,Political