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Oh, The Glorious B-17!

The Boeing B-17 bomber was one of the most loved aircrafts of its time. First introduced in 1935, the plane went into mass production in 1939 when the United States Congress became aware that war was certain. Boeing introduced many variations of the plane, each one slightly better than the last.

The introduction of this airplane spearheaded the USAAF’s doctrine that heavily armed bombers could fly in formations and fight their way through enemy fighters to carry out their missions. Unfortunately, the bombers were big and slow, so the formations required long-ranged fighters to accompany the B-17s.

The B-17 was far superior to all predecessors. It was the first aircraft to employ four engines, giving it power and abilities that no other plane had ever had. The aircraft was the first choice of pilots, due to the smooth ride and the ability to take heavy damage and still return home.

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