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December 2011

Oh, The Glorious B-17!

The Boeing B-17 bomber was one of the most loved aircrafts of its time. First introduced in 1935, the plane went into mass production in 1939 when the United States Congress became aware that war was certain. Boeing introduced many variations of the plane, each one slightly better than the last. The introduction of this airplane spearheaded the USAAF’s doctrine that heavily armed bombers could fly in formations and fight their way through enemy fighters to carry out their missions. Unfortunately, the bombers were big and slow, so the formations required long-ranged fighters to accompany the B-17s. The B-17 was far superior to all predecessors. It was the first aircraft to employ four engines, giving it power and abilities that no other plane had ever ... Read more
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A Soldier's Christmas

  The entire staff of American Warehouse Systems would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We wake up every morning safe with the knowledge that the American Soldier is standing vigilant over our great nation.  We will continue to do everything we can to support our troops and keep them in the forefront of our thoughts everyday.  Please say a prayer for our troops and their families.       Although perhaps a tear jerker, this is a great poem for A Soldier's Christmas.  God Bless. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, He Lived All Alone, In A One Bedroom House Made Of Plaster And Stone. I Had Come Down The Chimney With Presents To Give, And To See Just Who In This ... Read more
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A Halftime Appreciation For Our Troops

This week’s blog is a video of the West Virginia University’s marching band as they perform a halftime show. The band is saluting the United States Armed Forces, and they come up with a really cool way to convey their appreciation. American Warehouse Systems greatly appreciates all the sacrifices made by the brave men and women of the military and would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for their amazing work. We are so grateful for everything you do for our country. Thank you! American Warehouse Systems is proud to support our troops through high quality material handling systems, dedicated employees and a passion for the greatest nation on earth.  God Bless America! Read more
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Pearl Harbor 70 Years Later

Today is the 70th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. On this tragic day in 1941, over 2,000 American soldiers and sailors lost their lives in less than two hours.  The attack on Pearl Harbor was the most deadly attack on American soil, and held that distinction until 9/11/2001. The attack lasted about two hours, but delivered unbelievable devastation. The Japanese managed to destroy vast amounts of Navy equipment, including 200 planes and 20 naval vessels – including 8 massive battleships. The sailors at Pearl Harbor fought back as hard as they could, but there was little they could do to stop the assault. Several ships sunk in the aftermath, leading to the drowning death of many sailors. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ... Read more
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