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In Material Handling Systems Integration, Teamwork Is The Answer

There are many problems that one might face when purchasing a large material handling system.  One of the biggest problems on a large project is having too many vendors and not enough coordination between them. In many cases clients might decide to use a different vendor for each and every product and service comprising the whole. When this happens, it can become quite difficult to manage the entire project, as each vendor has different schedules and requirements. With American Warehouse Systems, this isn’t a problem. We supply every product and service required to complete a successful material handling system including material handling equipment, mechanical installation, electrical systems, fire suppression, HVAC, concrete work, etc.  In addition we also coordinate every aspect of the project, freeing the client to focus on what they do best.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to teamwork. Each person brings different knowledge to the table and we encourage our employees to use each other to generate ideas and solutions. For example, we are currently working on a multimillion dollar project overseas that involves a multistory mezzanine system, high bay pallet racking industrial steel shelving, several varieties of industrial conveyor and mechanical, electrical and fire suppression installation. The project has presented many unique challenges including language barriers, time differences and foreign building codes.

At American Warehouse System, we assign a project engineer to every system.  Our engineers coordinate all components and aspects and work closely with the customer to make sure their needs are met without hassle. Our engineers also work closely with other team members to get advice and suggestions to solve problems or overcome obstacles.

When you let American Warehouse Systems be the vendor for your project, you’re not just getting one person to help you. You’re getting a whole company.

American Warehouse Systems is proud to support our US Military through high quality, cost effective material handling solutions.  God Bless America! Thank you for visiting our blog.

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