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Yes, Liquid Body Armor

Since the beginning of time, soldiers have been looking for ways to protect their bodies from damage due to weapons. One of the most effective tools is body armor, which is traditionally made from metal plates or thick layers of fabric. While it can be quite effective, modern body armor can usually only protect the torso and head, leaving other critical parts exposed to danger.

Scientists and researchers are currently developing a new form of body armor that is much more lightweight and flexible. Amazingly, the new body armor is made from liquid. This sounds misleading, because in actuality it’s not only liquid. The new body armor is similar to a bulletproof vest, in that it’s made from Kevlar. However, significantly fewer layers of Kevlar are used in the liquid armor.

The Kevlar is soaked in one of two fluids, both of which have the same effect. The most common method is the shear-thickening fluid, which behaves like a solid when it encounters mechanical shear (like a bullet or piece of shrapnel). This means that it will act like a liquid until it comes in contact with forceful object. As soon as contact is made, the liquid hardens, offering significant protection to the user.

While this product is not yet combat ready, studies have shown that liquid body armor can be a key advantage to soldiers and police officers, offering more mobility without losing protection. Scientists are working on perfecting this product so it can become available as quickly as possible.

Posted by on September 27th, 2011 :: Filed under: Blog,Military,Liquid Body Armor,Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit,TALOS