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US Military - Tactical Team Training

All branches of the US Military have tactical teams: teams that are trained and equipped to eliminate any threat from the enemy in high-risk situations. The Army is no exception. The teams are trained in direct fighting, hand to hand combat, marksmanship, and both daytime and nighttime assaults.

These tactical squads are a huge asset to the military and are responsible for eliminating many of the threats to US security overseas. Each squad is made up of several different members, each with a different assignment.

The video is a demonstration of a rifle squad, which is lead by a Staff Sergeant. It has two fire teams, each led by a Sergeant. Each fire team has an automatic rifleman, as well as one grenadier, and several riflemen.  Every soldier is outfitted with a weapon to meet his duty requirements, as well as an advanced combat helmet equipped with a night vision device. They each wear body armor and armor plates, ballistic eye protection and knee and elbow pads.

These squads and their soldiers are a vital part of national security and we at American Warehouse Systems would like to extend our appreciation to each and every person serving in the United States Military. Thank you for your service!

Posted by on August 24th, 2011 :: Filed under: Blog,Military