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August 2011

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Units - Making the Path Clear

The history of EOD units goes back to WWII, when delayed-explosion bombs were creating major problems in Europe. While the US was not yet in the war, we were preparing for that eventuality and wanted to be ready for anything. The job of an explosives expert is to find any explosive device that poses a threat to soldiers or the general public. Once found, they are tasked with neutralizing and disposing of the explosive device until it is no longer dangerous. When possible, EOD units will use a robot or other mechanical device to diffuse the bomb, but occasionally it is necessary to disarm the explosive using their own hands. EOD units are critical to the safety of the US military and innocent civilians, but ... Read more
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US Military - Tactical Team Training

All branches of the US Military have tactical teams: teams that are trained and equipped to eliminate any threat from the enemy in high-risk situations. The Army is no exception. The teams are trained in direct fighting, hand to hand combat, marksmanship, and both daytime and nighttime assaults. These tactical squads are a huge asset to the military and are responsible for eliminating many of the threats to US security overseas. Each squad is made up of several different members, each with a different assignment. The video is a demonstration of a rifle squad, which is lead by a Staff Sergeant. It has two fire teams, each led by a Sergeant. Each fire team has an automatic rifleman, as well as one grenadier, and several ... Read more
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You Zig - We...Well, We Zig Also

Your needs and wants change from time to time. What might be perfect for you today, might not be the perfect situation down the road. The same is true for all our customers, especially with a quickly changing economy. At American Warehouse Systems, we will help you figure out the best solution for the present as well as the future. Occasionally, however, anticipated needs don’t turn into actual needs. Several years ago American Warehouse Systems built a mezzanine on a military base in the South Eastern United States. The customer was more than happy with the result. A few years later, significantly more space was needed that had not been anticipated. We were able to work with the customer in order to find a solution ... Read more
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On SEa Air or Land... The US Navy SEALs

This past weekend, the United States military suffered a devastating loss when a Chinook helicopter crashed in Afghanistan. The chopper was carrying 22 Navy SEALs, 3 Air Force airmen, a 5 member Army air crew, and a military dog, all of whom perished upon impact. As we remember the great sacrifices made by these soldiers and pray for their families, I thought the blog this week could focus on the amazing work that SEALs do. Established in March of 1961, the SEALs teams were formed as guerilla and counter-guerilla units that were capable of operating on sea, air, or land. The teams were trained in commando warfare, hand-to-hand combat, high-altitude parachuting, demolitions, and foreign languages. Beginning in the Vietnam War, SEALs were utilized by the ... Read more
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Marine Expeditionary Unit - Great Video!

Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU) are designed as a quick reaction force to be deployed for immediate response to a crisis. Typically the units are around 2,200 troops in strength and are deployed from an amphibious assault ship. A MEU might be deployed for any number of reasons, such as peacekeeping or humanitarian efforts, security operations, amphibious raids or assaults, or reconnaissance or surveillance. The men and women of these units must undergo a rigorous 26-week training program in order to be ready for any situation. Several elements make up the MEU: ground combat element, aviation combat element, logistics combat element, and the command element. Additionally, many vehicles are involved – including battle tanks, light armored vehicles, amphibious assault vehicles, SuperCobra attack helicopters, Twin Huey utility ... Read more
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