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More often than not, customers already have existing equipment in place when they realize they have a need for more. Frequently, the existing structures are custom built, making it difficult to incorporate additional equipment and meet the customer’s needs. That’s not a problem for American Warehouse Systems, because we love a challenge and can find a solution for every problem.

We recently finished installing mezzanine systems in two separate hangers on a military base. The mezzanines were being installed into older hangers with many obstructions. Because of this, only custom designed mezzanines would work for each hanger. An American Warehouse Systems mezzanine specialist completed a detailed site survey, where every column height was measured for the unique install locations.

One hanger required a U-shaped mezzanine that was to add additional storage and act as a catwalk between two existing mezzanines. The structures were at different heights, requiring ramps to the different levels, as well as custom fabrications of the existing railing to accept the new ramps.

The second hanger received a larger mezzanine for additional storage that also included a VRC material lift. Due to some of the over-sized items that the mezzanines would be holding, a standard gate would have limited the use of the mezzanines. Instead, we installed a lift out handrail in order to accommodate the items.

The end users have already begun to load the mezzanines and are very happy with the product, saying “American Warehouse Systems is and was an exceptional company to work with.”

For more information on our mezzanine systems or any other material handling solution we provide, please visit us at American Warehouse Systems.

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