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June 22nd, 2011

Hi Tech Modular Cleanrooms

American Warehouse Systems is proud to offer Starrco modular clean rooms. A clean room is a controlled environment where sensitive products are manufactured or packaged. The concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified levels, eliminating sub micron airborne contamination. American Warehouse Systems can create a modular space clean room to meet any ISO class requirement, including ISO Class 9, which the government requires for military composite shops.  Our clean room solutions are all carefully designed based on your needs to meet the necessary standards for air quantity, temperature and humidity control. All clean rooms from American Warehouse Systems will meet the specifications for air pressurization and HEPA filter units. Additionally, we are able to provide non-shredding walls that can be wiped down and easily ... Read more
Posted by Mark Juelich on June 22nd, 2011 :: Filed under: Blog,Material Handling