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Changing The Order "On The Fly"

It is a pretty common occurrence for our customers to send in a requirement only to have command change their minds midstream or command to actually change.  Sometimes the project needs to be modified after the order has been placed and funds have been allocated to the project.  Fortunately American Warehouse Systems is a customer service driven company.  We don’t believe in letting our clients go away with disappointment so we deal with the issue and make the necessary changes.

Recently, a military customer placed an order for shelving and wire storage lockers at an undisclosed location (to protect the innocent).  After the order had been placed and the materials were in the early stages of production, some of the areas were reassigned by the new command for other purposes.  This change in mission left our end user client in quite a a spot.  In some cases he was given rooms that he didn’t initially have and many of the spaces he was originally allocated (and purchased equipment for)  were taken away from him.  The only option this customer was aware of was to cancel the order, lose his funding and start over next year.  We proposed an alternate solution.  We would work within his funding limitations and new space constraints and supply him with a new system that met his needs.

American Warehouse Systems representatives met with the customer to discuss the circumstances and explore different ways to still give the customer what he needed, given the new constraints.  In doing this, we found a way for all of the materials to be used, greatly improve his area within the building, and satisfy all of his storage needs.

American Warehouse Systems can help you solve all of storage needs, regardless of size or space limitations.  Contact us today for more information!

Posted by on April 20th, 2011 :: Filed under: Blog,Material Handling,Military