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A Mezzanine Installed Through Your Office While You Work!

Recently American Warehouse Systems completed a rather complex mezzanine project for one of our clients.  F&M Plastics in Osceola, WI called on American Warehouse Systems because they needed additional storage space in their factory’s warehouse.  This in and of itself is a straight forward task.  The spin?  They wanted us to design and install a mezzanine system over an existing office area including a large break room and some bathrooms. This project presented a welcomed challenge for our design and application engineers.

Unlike many of the mezzanines systems we design and install over existing in-plant offices we  were not able to simply span the structure with mezzanine columns.  In this particular application, it was necessary to set some of the mezzanine columns inside the interior rooms.  Our design specialists had to complete a complex site survey to determine the exact location of the columns within the existing structure. Once the mezzanine components were fabricated and delivered to the site, our installation crew began the not so simple task of setting the columns into the existing structure while constructing the rest of the mezzanine system above.  Because the various mechanicals (fire suppression, HVAC  etc) were originally mounted to the factory ceiling and fed down through the area where the new mezzanine was installed, they had to now be mounted to the under structure of the mezzanine deck. In addition to everything else; this was a very active area within the facility and the AWS installation crew worked with the F & M Plastics site manager to have the crew work off hours so as not to interfere with the client’s work schedule.

This project is exactly the challenge we love to accept at American Warehouse System.  The simple projects are great most of the time but sometimes we all need a challenge to inspire us and move us forward.  American Warehouse Systems rose to the challenge and created an extremely valuable storage area out of  previously wasted space in this factory setting.

If you have need of additional storage space in your facility and you think maybe you don’t have enough room, call us, we might find some room for you.  If you would like to contact us please visit our Contact Page.

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