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Storage Aid System for the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan

American Warehouse Systems was contacted by the State Department to provide a turnkey storage aid system for the embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. As one of the few GSA contractors that can provide a complete system of this type on a GSA schedule and provide delivery directly to the Embassy in Kabul we were more than happy to take on their project.

The storage aid system included a mezzanine and material lift along with a complete fire suppression system and electrical/lighting package. As one can imagine trying to ship (5) 20’ foot cargo containers to Afghanistan in the middle of a war can present some challenges. The containers were first sent to South Africa and from there they were shipped to Pakistan and then across the border into Afghanistan. Given the unrest in that part of the world to say that we ran into a few road blocks would be an understatement.  With the help of our logistics partner, Koch Logistics, we were able to successfully deliver the materials to the Embassy in Kabul.

With the design, fabrication and deliver completed the final step is implementation.  American Warehouse Systems is one of the only material handling companies (perhaps the only) that will do systems installations in war zones.  We are happy to support our country wherever we can.  Our installation crew will be onsite in a couple of weeks to complete the installation.

The embassy is already overjoyed that we were able to do the project and they are very much looking forward to it’s completion.

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