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Happy 32nd Anniversary Toyota-Lift of Minnesota!

A great big thank you to Kyle Thill for guest blogging for me this week!  It is the 32nd anniversary of Toyota-Lift of MN dba American Warehouse Systems so it seems very fitting we hear about it from someone who’s been here for most of it (I and the rest of AWS are almost at 7 years).

Thirty-two years ago this month Toyota-Lift of Minnesota [TLM] was started out of a garage by our previous ownership. While none of us working here today were among the original cast, several of us get pretty close. I mention that because we cannot be certain of the original date other than the month, those of us with 25 or more years of experience are too old to remember what was said about the date back then.

TLM then known as Minnesota Lift Truck was a highly competitive local service company selling White forklifts. I would know this because in the late seventies I worked with their competition at the time White Mobilift of Minnesota, also a White forklift dealer along with one other current TLM employee.

Those times like today were tough times; a few of us might remember the banking crisis, high interest and unemployment rates that dominated the late seventies and early eighties. As nasty as things have been lately I still feel it was worse then.

MLT worked through those times to become what it has today only because of the quality people that it has had the good fortune to have in its employ. In 1989 we became Minnesota’s Toyota dealer just as Toyota’s 5-Series truck was taking off and in 2000 we went through our acquisition and changed our name to Toyota-Lift of Minnesota.

Good people, great equipment and a terrific set of owners has given us the continued opportunity to serve the material handling world. From the parts department up to and through our AWS warehouse division, TLM is enjoying its ability to follow its mission statement:

Our mission is to improve the customer’s productivity and bottom line through better products, services, and customer service personnel.

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