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American Warehouse Systems; Celebrating Success

This week, American Warehouse Systems turned seven.  In that short time we have literally gone from two guys and a phone housed in a storage room to one of the largest material handling suppliers to the US Federal Government.  Last year we were overjoyed to be in the top ten MN small businesses to earn Federal Contracts and to be the top grossing material handling vendor on Federal Supply Schedule contract.

American Warehouse Systems is now a well known, seasoned and reliable material handling systems integrator.  We have successfully implemented projects from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars.  Our project locations range from right down the road to the other side of the world.  Our systems can be seen in places such as the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and Europe not to mention every US State.

American Warehouse Systems handles most every aspect of the material handling industry.  Our capabilities encompass the full spectrum of engineered systems, industrial trucks and mobile equipment and storage and handling equipment.  In addition we provide full design services, mechanical installation, electrical and controls, plumbing and sprinkler systems, concrete work and more to round out our projects.

Over the last seven years we have gathered an amazing group of people that really make American Warehouse Systems tick.  In our line of work it really is the team that makes the success.  Our systems projects are managed and implemented by many hardworking and dedicated people.  Without each and every member of the team, we would not be where we are today.

Our customer base is second to none.  It’s always been that way.  We have built some extremely strong relationships in our relatively short life span.  Most of our yearly revenue is return business and the vast majority of that business is from folks that we are happy to call friends.

Last but not least we have a very supportive and partner oriented community of vendors we are blessed to have.  Without strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, a success story like American Warehouse Systems could not have taken place.

Thank you to everyone at American Warehouse Systems, Toyota-Lift of Minnesota all our customers and vendors for making the last seven years a shining success.

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