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The Ups and Downs of Supporting the War Fighter.

Over the last seven years American Warehouse Systems has expanded the reach of our parent company, Toyota-Lift of Minnesota, far beyond their Toyota material handling area of primary responsibility (APR).  Not only do we do business everywhere in the continental US on a daily basis, we design and implement systems for our government and corporate clients globally. In fact, American Warehouse Systems does so much work for the Federal Government that we were #10 on the list of Minnesota Small Businesses earning Government contracts last year!

We have successfully completed material handling projects for both corporate and government clients  in Hawaii, Alaska, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, South East Asia, many European countries and more recently supporting our troops in the war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Doing business outside the continental US can sometimes be tricky but we have very capable people that make sure everything arrives and is installed on schedule. 

We have one project that is stopped at the border of Pakistan because the Pakistani government decided to close the border for fear of attack.  As fate would have it, now all the trucks at the border are being attacked.  Yesterday four fuel tankers were destroyed by gunfire.  It appears at present they are only targeting fuel tankers and not material handling equipment.  We should get through the border today thanks to the US Air Force.  Their material handling system should arrive in one piece, perhaps a bit blackened and with a few bullet holes but nothing we can’t deal with.  Our troops at Bagram Airfield need our help and we are more than happy to oblige.

American Warehouse Systems is proud of the work we do supporting the War Fighter.  Many companies refuse to work in some of the areas we regularly go but we feel it is an honor and our duty to support the United States of America wherever she may need us.

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