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October 2010

Hytrol Conveyor on GSA Contract

 American Warehouse Systems is the only factory authorized GSA supplier of Hytrol conveyor.  We a proud to be able to supply our military and other government agencies with the full line of Hytrol conveyor on our GSA contract GS-07F-6106P.  Hytrol Conveyor Company is a world leader in the manufacture of conveyors, conveying systems, and conveyor accessories. Since their inception in 1947, Hytrol has demonstrated a dedication to understanding material handling needs that is second to none. For over 60 years, Hytrol Conveyor Company has been creating innovative, customized conveyor solutions that help clients achieve their goals. Our GSA conveyor line consists of the entirety of the Hytrol Conveyor Company's products, complete system design, full controls and electrical systems, mechanical installation, and complete system implementation.  We also offer 3D simulations and renderings of the ... Read more
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Baggage Handling Lifts for TSA

The Transportation Security Administration needed a more ergonomic way to move and inspect the tens of thousands of bag they must handle everyday and they came to American Warehouse Systems for a solution.   The bags generally come to the inspection area on belt conveyor that is typically 18" from the ground and must be lifted and moved to an inspection table manually.  With the help of one of our premium manufacturers we were able to design a powered lift cart that eliminates not only the need of the TSA personnel to lift the bags but we have also eliminated the inspection table.  Now the agent simply moves the powered lift into place, slides the baggage onto the stainless steel surface moves away, raises the powered ... Read more
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The Ups and Downs of Supporting the War Fighter.

Over the last seven years American Warehouse Systems has expanded the reach of our parent company, Toyota-Lift of Minnesota, far beyond their Toyota material handling area of primary responsibility (APR).  Not only do we do business everywhere in the continental US on a daily basis, we design and implement systems for our government and corporate clients globally. In fact, American Warehouse Systems does so much work for the Federal Government that we were #10 on the list of Minnesota Small Businesses earning Government contracts last year! We have successfully completed material handling projects for both corporate and government clients  in Hawaii, Alaska, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, South East Asia, many European countries and more recently supporting our troops in the war zones in Iraq ... Read more
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