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Look Up to a Vertical Storage System

No matter what the business or size of the operation, the need for effective storage solutions is almost always a concern. Whether for inventory, files, records, or raw materials, smart storage systems are in demand. Plant managers and business owners need to address a variety of concerns when considering the issue of storage, including efficiency, safety, space availability, security, quality, and productivity.

All of these issues have more and more companies looking up to a better storage solution – the SPSS Vertical Lift Module. This innovative automated vertical storage system offers a wealth of benefits in any manufacturing environment. The SPSS vertical storage system allows for maximum space utilization because it extends up, making efficient use of otherwise inaccessible warehouse space, saving around 85% of valuable floor space.

Compared to other automated storage and retrieval systems, the SPSS Vertical Lift Module is very affordable, and can be realistically put to work for businesses of many different sizes and budgets.  American Warehouse Systems experienced staff can help you find the high density storage solution that meets your specific needs.  For more information please contact your systems specialists at American Warehouse Systems.

Posted by on September 29th, 2010 :: Filed under: Blog,Material Handling