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Full Service Design and CAD Capabilities

American Warehouse Systems CAD department can produce detailed drawings for your materials handling system. By using the industry leader AutoCAD software, AWS will document and share project ideas to design a complete system that will suit your specific application. From a single cabinet concept drawing to a complex mezzanine, conveyor and automated system, these drawings will help insure your project is accurate and suits the specific application. With in-house CAD capabilities, American Warehouse Systems can save you time and money on your materials handling project. 

Starting with an application analysis, the AWS CAD department can produce a detailed facility layout that will optimize the space of your facility. AWS can use existing building plans, sketches or complete a site survey to place your materials handling system appropriately within the site to ensure proper integration. 

For any order, AWS can complete a detailed set of approval drawings to produce an accurate order with a visual review. Once approved, shop and install drawings are completed to finalize the system. AWS also offers: electrical and fire suppression schematics, As-Built drawings, system renderings, engineered structural designs, seismic calculations, PE stamped drawings, engineered footing and slab designs, and geotechnical studies and reports. 

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