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September 2010

Look Up to a Vertical Storage System

No matter what the business or size of the operation, the need for effective storage solutions is almost always a concern. Whether for inventory, files, records, or raw materials, smart storage systems are in demand. Plant managers and business owners need to address a variety of concerns when considering the issue of storage, including efficiency, safety, space availability, security, quality, and productivity. All of these issues have more and more companies looking up to a better storage solution – the SPSS Vertical Lift Module. This innovative automated vertical storage system offers a wealth of benefits in any manufacturing environment. The SPSS vertical storage system allows for maximum space utilization because it extends up, making efficient use of otherwise inaccessible warehouse space, saving around 85% of ... Read more
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A Strange "Surprise" Welcome Home for an American Soldier

US Army Airborne Christopher Kunder wanted to surprise his family upon his return home from Afghanistan.  To his dismay the house was locked and no one was home.  Christopher thought he would try to find a way in and wait until they came back but a good neighbor mistook him for a burglar and soon Illinois finest showed up.  The rest of the story is heart-warming and humorous.  I personally find it uplifting to read the police officer's reaction and how he handled the situation.  Please read the full story on Bill Flick's Blog on Pantagraph.  This is a great story from any perspective.  As you can see from the image, young Christopher was reunited with his family.  Welcome Home Soldier! Read more
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Full Service Design and CAD Capabilities

American Warehouse Systems CAD department can produce detailed drawings for your materials handling system. By using the industry leader AutoCAD software, AWS will document and share project ideas to design a complete system that will suit your specific application. From a single cabinet concept drawing to a complex mezzanine, conveyor and automated system, these drawings will help insure your project is accurate and suits the specific application. With in-house CAD capabilities, American Warehouse Systems can save you time and money on your materials handling project.  Starting with an application analysis, the AWS CAD department can produce a detailed facility layout that will optimize the space of your facility. AWS can use existing building plans, sketches or complete a site survey to place your materials handling system appropriately ... Read more
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Hytrol Conveyor Project for Pearl Harbor

American Warehouse Systems was fortunate enough to participate in a large conveyor project for Peal Harbor Naval Base.  The defense distribution center was badly outdated and needed a more efficient system to induct and distribute product.  The system needed to span two buildings and traverse a fairly busy base road.  One of the buildings has only wire mesh walls and the other building is a protected historical structure.  These factors created unique opportunities for American Warehouse Systems to shine. The project included a very large Hytrol conveyor system including pallet conveyor, transfer beds for pallet induction, powered tote conveyor, and a spiral conveyor to raise the height of the totes quickly in the allotted space.  A very large enclosed conveyor crossover structure with two vertical continuous conveyors ... Read more
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Bluebird Aero Systems MicroB UAV

I was eating dinner a few weeks back with a soldier that just returned from Iraq.  He was telling me about a UAV that they carried in a suitcase and how well it worked in an urban environment.  They could carry the lightweight unit to the top of a building and reconnoiter the entire area looking for hostiles or other potential troubles.  This UAV could be fitted with either a day or a night vision camera so illumination wasn't an issue. It sounded so interesting I thought I would research the UAV and blog about it.   He was speaking of the Bluebird MicroB.  NOTE: I am NOT affiliated with nor connected in any way with Bluebird.  I found it fasinating how technology can be used with such purpose.  ... Read more
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