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Material Handling System for US Embassy Praia

When the US Embassy Praia in Cape Verde were planning to build a new warehouse distribution center they contacted American Warehouse Systems.

Cape Verde is an island country off the west coast of Africa and is a little hard to get to for most American material handling systems integrators.  The client initially had great concern regarding the project because of their remote location and the need to get so much product delivered and installed by their required date.   Because American Warehouse Systems implements systems worldwide this location posed no problem whatsoever and we happily jumped in.  American Warehouse Systems has over 8000 material handling  items and services on GSA contract so procurement of the entire system was completed through this Federal contracting vehicle.

Our seasoned consultants worked with the client in Cape Verde to design a system that is specific to their needs.  The final system included a mezzanine, wire partitions, pallet rack, shelving, cabinets and workbenches and a Toyota forklift.  All these products were integrated into one seamless system for the client.  There was no need for the Embassy to find local labor to install the products as we have many crews that travel worldwide to install and implement our systems.

American Warehouse Systems shipped the product directly to US Embassy Praia and completed mechanical installation of all components on site.

Our client at the US Embassy is very happy with their new material handling system and the ease of procurement to implementation with American Warehouse Systems.

If you would like more information on our GSA contracted items and services, contact us at 877-677-9066 or visit American Warehouse Systems.