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TA-50 Military Gear Lockers at Army Base

Row of tan TA50 gear lockers in military base

TA-50 Military Gear Lockers

A United States Army Base needed to upgrade their existing personnel lockers to a more suitable locker designed for the rigors of Army life.  This particular Army Base had old “school” type lockers that were too small and too flimsy for their needs.  They came to American Warehouse Systems for a solution.

American Warehouse Systems designs TA-50 military gear lockers specifically for the application at hand.  The troops in question needed an additional shelf above and a special “inspection” door built into the standard door so the commanding officer could access the soldiers’ helmets but the rest of the gear would be secure.  We put together a proposal on the exact locker needed including freight and complete installation.  Procurement was simple for the base as we have all the components including installation on our GSA Contract.  The installation went without any issues and the Army is very pleased with the additional storage space and the exceptional quality of the new lockers.
TA-50 is “Table of Allowances 50” which is defined as Military Issued Individual Equipment.  This broad of a definition requires flexible design and fabrication.  American Warehouse Systems has the capability to design our TA50 lockers in virtually any shape and size with a vast variety of extras at equal to or lower price than the “standard” lockers on the market.
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