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Green Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack for the US Navy

Pallet Rack Bay showing beam, upright and wire deck

Eagle Lock “Teardrop” Pallet Rack

A long time US Navy client of ours needed to store 25% more pallets than their current facility layout would allow.  They approached American Warehouse Systems for a solution.  One of our experienced specialist went out to the site, completed a thorough application analysis and provided the client with a GSA proposal for a very narrow aisle ( VNA ) pallet rack system.  After the completion of the application analysis it was concluded that the VNA system would be the most cost effective solution to the Navy’s dilemma.

Typical selective pallet rack utilizes a sit down forklift to access the pallets.  Sit down forklifts usually require 12′ – 15′ aisles to operate.  A VNA system uses the same basic racking but instead of the sit down forklift, utilizes a VNA truck operating in either a wire guided or rail guided aisle.  These specialty forklifts can operate in aisles of just over 6′ wide.  The square footage savings of cutting aisle width in half can provide significant free space for other uses, like additional pallet rack.

American Warehouse Systems was able to re-use the vast majority of the existing pallet rack in the facility as the new VNA system still operated with standard selective pallet rack.  This provided for a huge savings to the Government in addition to meeting the “Green” initiative of the base.  In addition we installed new teardrop style Eagle Lock pallet rack to more than make up for the additional 25% needed all with 6’6″ aisles.  The new VNA truck and facility were outfitted with a very economical wire guided system to guide the forklift while it is running up and down the pallet rack aisles.  The Navy personnel in the warehouse were trained on the system and took to it right away.

All this lead to the additional storage space needed (and then some) at a very low price to the Navy.  The Navy is very pleased with the simple yet intelligent green solution provided to them by American Warehouse Systems.  The entire project, including installation and in-rack fire suppression systems were purchased on American Warehouse Systems GSA Contract GS-07S-6106P.

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