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A Great Networking and Educational Event

I realize that most folks that read this blog aren’t in the Minneapolis area but it would be nothing but wrong if I didn’t mention the Linked Minnesota Summer Extravaganza on June 21st at the Minneapolis Airport Hilton. Linked Minnesota is a group formed on LinkedIn (and still going strong) of businesses and individuals with interest in networking mainly for business. Every month the group meets for a lunch networking program somewhere in the Twin Cites and twice a year the group has a large event. Next Monday is the big summer event.

This program should be great! It looks to be quite large also with close to 500 attendees and over 60 booths. American Warehouse Systems will be there for any material handling systems needs as will our favorite big sister Toyota-Lift of Minnesota.

The big attraction of the event is Headline Speaker, Sam Richter. I recently saw Sam speak at the MHEDA convention in FL and he blew everyone away with his knowledge. In my world I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to increase traffic to my site and helping others do the same. Sam spins the table and shows us great ways to utilize search tools on the Internet to find just about anything. It is amazing how much sales intelligence one can gain just by using Sam’s strategies. The information Sam gives is worth your time and well worth the $17 admission fee to the event. If you are interested in increasing your sales knowledge and you will be in the Minneapolis area next Monday, make sure you attend the Linked Minnesota Summer Extravaganza. While you are there make sure you stop by our table and say hi.

For more information check here. Summer Extravaganza

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