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463L Pallet Conveyor System at FL Air Force Base

American Warehouse Systems has recently completed a 463L pallet conveyor system on a mezzanine for Hurlburt Field in Florida.

The customer needed the 463L conveyor system mounted 10′ off the ground for a training facility. American Warehouse Systems designed a mezzanine to support our conveyor and transfer bed for the air cargo 463L pallet. This is no easy task as the 463L pallet is designed to carry up to 10,000 lbs. The mezzanine had to be designed and fabricated to support the point load of the pallet and the horizontal motion of the pallet as it moves down the system. Fortunately we have a great deal of experience designing specialty systems for our customers and the project went off beautifully.

American Warehouse Systems is the number one supplier of mezzanine systems to the Department of Defense and the highest volume mezzanine supplier on GSA ( General Services Administration ) contract. We are often tasked with supplying a mezzanine system with ancillary items like 463L pallet conveyor or material lifts, shelving, lights, fire suppression, etc. Because we have all of these items and more on our GSA contract, we are able to supply complete turn-key systems to our Federal Government clients worldwide. For more information follow the links; 463L Pallet Conveyor, Mezzanine Systems, GSA Contract.

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