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June 2010

463L Pallet Conveyor System at FL Air Force Base

American Warehouse Systems has recently completed a 463L pallet conveyor system on a mezzanine for Hurlburt Field in Florida. The customer needed the 463L conveyor system mounted 10' off the ground for a training facility. American Warehouse Systems designed a mezzanine to support our conveyor and transfer bed for the air cargo 463L pallet. This is no easy task as the 463L pallet is designed to carry up to 10,000 lbs. The mezzanine had to be designed and fabricated to support the point load of the pallet and the horizontal motion of the pallet as it moves down the system. Fortunately we have a great deal of experience designing specialty systems for our customers and the project went off beautifully. American Warehouse Systems is the ... Read more
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America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians

Although many of us never did "Drink the Kool-Aid", this is a great video nontheless. It is a clear message about how America feels. Enjoy. Read more
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A Great Networking and Educational Event

I realize that most folks that read this blog aren't in the Minneapolis area but it would be nothing but wrong if I didn't mention the Linked Minnesota Summer Extravaganza on June 21st at the Minneapolis Airport Hilton. Linked Minnesota is a group formed on LinkedIn (and still going strong) of businesses and individuals with interest in networking mainly for business. Every month the group meets for a lunch networking program somewhere in the Twin Cites and twice a year the group has a large event. Next Monday is the big summer event. This program should be great! It looks to be quite large also with close to 500 attendees and over 60 booths. American Warehouse Systems will be there for any material handling systems ... Read more
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American Warehouse Systems Hosts LinkedIn Event

Monday, June 14, 2010 you will have the opportunity to join us at Gabe’s Roadhouse in St. Paul, MN for a LinkedMinnesota lunch event. LinkedMinnesota organizes a networking lunch every month for Minnesota businesses. This month's event is sponsored by American Warehouse Systems. We will begin the day at 11:15 AM with casual networking. The goal with the networking is to meet and connect with at least 10 new contacts. Once the networking is finished up, find a table and join others for lunch. The networking is FREE, you only need to cover the cost of your lunch. Gabe's Roadhouse offers wonderful daily lunch and dinner specials to fit your budget. Gabe's is fully automated with 13 HD BIG screen plasma TV's and theater surround ... Read more
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American Warehouse Systems Receives Recognition Award

On April 28, 2010, American Warehouse Systems received a Certificate of Recognition from the State of Minnesota and The Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). This award is given out every year to small businesses that excel in bringing federal dollars to Minnesota through Federal Government Contracts. This past year American Warehouse Systems was #10 on the list of Minnesota Small Businesses to receive federal dollars through government contracts. We were also #63 out of 3564 Minnesota companies of any size or socio-economic status receiving federal contracts. This year's award marks the 6th consecutive year American Warehouse Systems has earned this honor. We are proud to support our nation by providing high quality warehouse systems and proud to support our state by bringing Federal dollars to ... Read more
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