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The Marines Receive Bush and Obama

There has been a video circulating for quite awhile now comparing a visit from President Bush to a visit from Obama to the United States Marine Corps. There is a good chance you have already seen it but if not I have a like to the video at the bottom of this entry.

I love this video for many reasons. First because I greatly admire President Bush, he reminds me a lot of my pastor. There really are no airs about him. He is who he is and makes no apology. A man with a great deal of power and influence who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and his beliefs in front of a crowd and just be himself. President Bush could wear jeans and a flannel shirt to give a speech and it was great.

Now you can say what you want about staging and performance art in public speeches but I believe our armed forces as a general rule also loved President Bush. It fills me with great pride to see our service men and women whoop it up when our President came to talk to them. They were really filled with joy and I don’t think that can easily be faked across a few thousand Marines. That’s the second thing I love about the video.

The third thing I love is the stark contrast between the two men. President Bush is an important man doing everything in his power to play it off and be “everyman”. Obama on the other hand was doing everything in his power to appear powerful. My mother always said “You don’t need to toot your own horn; if you are good enough others will do it for you.” I always feel Obama is tooting his own horn, don’t you? President Bush, no matter what the criticism, was himself, a God fearing conservative American from Texas. He didn’t change with the weather or the crowd.

Of course I also love the CNN reporters comments at the end of the video…priceless.

Here is the link to the video on the American Warehouse Systems You Tube Channel.

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Posted by on May 20th, 2010 :: Filed under: Military,Political