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My Visit to St. Louis and Starrco Modular Offices

Last week I was hosted by my good friends at Starrco in St. Louis MO. Starrco manufactures inplant modular offices and buildings, prefabricated buildings, cleanrooms and just about any other form of hard wall enclosure. I was warmly received by the good people at Starrco, given the tour of the factory and had a great day of meetings with their personnel. The atmosphere was business of course but the Starrco crew has a way of bringing fun into any situation. What a great company to do business with.

For those that aren’t certain what a modular office or warehouse enclosure is I’ve included this brief description of what Starrco does from the fine people themselves.

Starrco Modular wall systems provide a secure, comfortable working environment perfect for shipping and receiving office modules. An inplant office for shipping and receiving isolates operation areas from outside distraction and truck noise, while protecting employees and products from truck fumes and other outside factors, such as, temperature and inclement weather. Starrco’s pre-fabricated offices are made of quality wall construction ideal for sealing off sound and environmental intrusion. These modular offices are typically constructed with large windows for monitoring personnel and access to docks providing a secure area as an entry point.

The advantage to portable facilities and in-plant modular offices are numerous. Usually, from start to finish, a custom built, pre-engineered office module is ready for operation in approximately 25% of the time it takes to complete conventional construction. Normally, the licensing, permitting and approval process of permanent construction is a time consuming process. Modular wall systems used for shipping and receiving offices, provide more value for your purchasing dollar. And, obviously, modular construction is flexible, allowing expansion and relocation to fit your needs as your business grows.

If you are interested in learning more about Starrco modular offices you can visit them at Starrco Modular Offices. You can also receive more information from our Modular Office Pages.

Thanks again Bryan and crew for the hospitality. We are looking forward to a great year!

Posted by on May 26th, 2010 :: Filed under: Blog,Material Handling