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WireCrafters Wire Partitions - Protecting Product and Personnel

For over 35 years, WireCrafters has manufactured what we feel is the “Very Best Woven Wire Partition.” Contrary to traditional systems, the Style 840 is based on the simple idea that panels stack one on top of the other between tubular posts to reach the finished partition height. This all welded, modular, stackable system has benefits unequaled in the industry. American Warehouse Systems brings you a full line of wire partition products. These products are very common in many warehouses and are used as tool cribs, secured inventory cages, machine guarding and platform handrail.

Tool Cribs or Rack Enclosures are the easiest way to protect your inventory. These can be configured in any size or height from twenty standard size panels for a perfect fit in your warehouse. A full line of hinged and sliding gates are available for pedestrian or forklift traffic. Customers can custom design these partitions by adding slide-up service windows with counters, enclosing the area with a ceiling or even special locking devices.

What if your inventory is stored in pallet racking? Rack Enclosures may be your answer. The Rack Enclosure panels are simple to integrate with your current way of storing your materials. By adding panels and gates to one or several bays of pallet racking, an employer can lock in inventory or lock out unwanted personnel. These same panels can be configured on the pedestrian side of the racking allowing protection to your employees from pallets or boxes being pushed though the back side of the rack.

We can also offer assistance with Machine Guarding, Platform Handrail or Pedestrian Guardrails. Each of these items is a great addition to any safety program. Check with your insurance company or local government agency for discounts.

For more information please visit our WireCrafters Page.

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