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Storage of Military Gear - The TA-50 Locker

This week I thought I would actually write about a storage product, the TA-50 gear locker. This product is about as misunderstood and confusing as they get. I guess it starts with the name, TA-50. My guess is most civilians don’t really even know what TA-50 means and perhaps a few in our armed forces aren’t quite sure what it actually stands for.

TA-50 is short for Table of Allowances 50; now does that clear it up for you? No? Simply put, TA-50 is Government issued (military) individual equipment. Anything a soldier might have that is government issued is considered TA-50.

The second big issue with TA-50 Lockers is most customers believe there is some standard size and that TA-50 is actually a specification. This is not true. We have made TA-50 lockers in virtually all conceivable configurations from simple wire partitions with swing doors to locker style cabinets to walk-in cages with shelving units to, etc. etc. etc.

The image to the left is what most military customers think when they are sourcing TA-50 lockers. While we are more than happy to make the vanilla one, keep in mind if you need special helmet inspection panels or redundant locking systems or any other unique specification, we can design it and it’s still a TA-50 locker. Heck, we’ll still make them for you even if you’re not storing TA-50!

Read more about our TA-50 lockers on our TA-50 Military Gear Locker Page.

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